The iJamming! Daily Download #1: Fujiya and Miyagi

To celebrate the holidays and in the spirit of the season, iJamming! is offering its readers a free MP3 downlaod every day this week, December 18-22. Each song has been cleared with or offered to us by the artist/label in question, and will be available until the start of 2006. And, not surprisingly, every song has some connection with the web site and its readers.

Our first cut is by Fujiya and Miyagi, who hail from the UK’s south coast musical hotbed of Brighton. The British trio – no, they are not Japanese – supposedly met playing Sunday League football after which they named themselves for a record player (Fujiya) and a martial arts wiz (Miyagi in the Karate Kid). Fujiya and Miyagi’s debut album Transparent Things was released in the UK earlier this year on the Tirk label and made an immediate splash on the electronic/DJ/dance music scene for its very pop update of the old Krautrock sound. When British-based iJamming! regular and Chelsea fan po1ntman sang its praises over at The iJamming! Pub, another Pub member, the British-born but American-based Arsenal fan Michael C, checked the act out via its myspace page, made enquiries as to its availability in the States, and ended up licensing the records as the debut release for his new Deaf Dumb and Blind label. Transparent Things will be out in the US in February.

Fujiya and Miyagi: Yes, they play guitars.

In the meantime, Michael has offered iJamming! readers the song ‘Ankle Injuries’ for free download. It’s his way of saying “thanks” for the heads-up. From my perspective, it’s great to know that iJamming! can prove more than just a way of recommending and discovering music but can actually generate career-changing results. It’s also good to know we can agree about music at the iJamming! Pub even if we can’t about football!

Ankle Injuries is about “walking to school as a kid and finding a porno mag in the middle of the road.” As you do. Click on the link below to play and/or download the track. And enjoy.

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