The iJamming! Download: Indie Girlie Duos Galore

While proof-reading the galleys for All Hopped Up And Ready To Go (yes, it’s getting closer), I’ve been clicking through on some of the many MP3 links that come my way these days by way of e-mail press releases. (And I remember when publicists refused to deal with web sites, let alone beg them to distribute MP3s of their artsist, ha ha!) No longer living in hipster Brooklyn, no longer DJing three times a week, no longer writing reviews for rags that barely pay for the privilege and inevitably go out of business anyway, I haven’t much a clue of who’s who in the indie underground these days, the names in the subject headers coming at me so thick and fast I can’t believe I ever kept up with this stuff. But I’d like to believe I still recognize good music when I hear it. The following three MP3s all brightened up my proof-reading duties and maybe they’ll brighten up your day too. There was more where these came from, but I like the fact that each of these songs is by a female-fronted duo. Why keep things distinctive when you can continue to blur the boundaries? So, without further ado….

Houses” by Great Northern, from Remind Me Where The Light Is, the just-released second album by the Californian duo of Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte. Their Myspace says they sound like “your crazy uncle locked in a room with a robot and a marathon runner,” which means I have a fair chance of passing for one of them. (Actually they sound a lot more serious than that.) Currently on tour with the Dears. Stream or download.

Skeletons” by Tiny Masters of Today, from the Brooklyn teens’ duo of Ivan and Ada’s second album of the same name, recorded at home on Garageband. Skeletons album, on Mute, not out until June; “Skeletons” single available right now, right here. Hey, we even have the video. Stream or download.

Feed The Horse” by Fagget Fairies. Say it fast enough and you’ll have an idea what to expect. Hey, it’s got a beat and you can dance to it. This Danish lesbian electro-disco duo claim to have met when 17-year old Ena fell so hard for DJ Sensimilla (ten years her senior) in a Copenhagen nightclub that she stage dove from the DJ booth and fell onto a bottle, ending up with 15 stitches and upsetting her Muslim family. Even if the story is not true (and can it really be?) it reads well, and that’s always part of the pop package. Enjoy. That’s what it’s here for. Stream or download.

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