The iJamming! Download: Lily Allen album remixed – in entirity

It might seem excessive to remix an entire hit album, uncommissioned, and then give it away for free – but there are, presumably, more difficult ways of gaining attention on web sites looking to host a weekend MP3 giveaway. Besides, Dr. Rosen Rosen, as he likes to be called, once served a tour of duty in a New York hip-hop studio where “The hours were crazy and I never got paid,” so he might as well do something equally insane and non-remunerative of his own choosing.

What I like about It’s Not Me, It’s Dr. Rosen Rosen, is that the remixer has stripped away the original album’s jovial Madness-lite LDN-dance backing and created a new series of musical platforms for Lily Allen’s deliciously rude and refreshingly frank (if only occasionally truly poetic) vocals. In the process, he’s made her voice sound that much less guarded, and ultimately more mature. Check out the classical piano tones of her #1 hit “The Fear…” here

And, similarly, this ambient –synth arrangement for “It’s Never Gonna Happen…” here

It’s Not Me, It’s Dr. Rosen Rosen has its share of regular dance remixes, including a suitably robotic electro groove for Allen’s feminist anthem “Not Fair,” and an appropriately percolating uptempo rhythm for “Chinese,” but those looking to pump up the dancefloor will find greater satisfaction with the commercially available remixes for Allen’s hit singles. The rest of us – those who view Allen as a genuine talent who’s in danger of being typecast – will hopefully enjoy hearing her in a relatively new light.

You can download It’s Not Me, It’s Dr. Rosen Rosen from the producer’s home page (e-mail sign-up required) where you can also hear each song individually before doing so. And if you come away feeling that you’d like to hear more of Rosen Rosen’s music, without Lily Allen’s stories of teenage prozac abuse, celebrity fame and the female orgasm (though it would be a poorer world without her), you’ll hopefully enjoy his Volume 1: Brooklyn, three tracks that are also available for free. Thanks to the good Doctor for his gift of music.

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