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I’ve written about the free mixCasts before – back in March 2007, when I highlighted a particularly pleasurable mix by Club Cotton Cake. I’ve continued getting the site’s DJ-mixed Podcasts automatically downloaded onto my iTunes (and therefore also my iPod) every week since, and though I don’t always get to listen to them before they’re wiped clean by the next five installments, rare is the occasion I don’t enjoy what I’m hearing (especially while out running).

But none of the mixes in the two years I’ve subscribed to this service hold a candle to the Richie Hawtin DJ mix that came to my iPod a week before Christmas, all three and a half uninterrupted body-shaking hours of it. I’m not sure if there’s a competition out there for the longest Podcast, and if there is, have made no boasts about winning it, but I do know that to transfer this typically mega Hawtin mix onto CD would require three of the little silver platters – requiring fade-outs that don’t occur on this longest of iPod dance mixes.


There may be some iJamming! readers out there who don’t know Richie Hawtin. Simply put, as recording artist (Plastikman), label entrepreneur (M-nus), producer and spokesman, he’s one of the figureheads of techno. He’s lived in Detroit and New York over the years and now resides, appropriately enough, in Berlin. As a DJ, he’s without parallel. He’s the techno DJ’s techno DJ, a devoted master of minimal music played at maximum intensity; a man who thinks nothing of playing eight-hour sets except that they’re likely to be fully instrumental and involve as much music-making from the decks (and efx) as originally occurred in the studio. (I suspect his sets this New Year’s will be somewhat shorter: he’s due on in Florence at midnight, and in Madrid just ten hours later.) But don’t take my word for it. You can find out more about him for yourself over here, and here. Those iJamming! readers who already know Richie Hawtin by name and reputation should be scrolling for the download link already. Your New Year’s Eve dance party has never been better prepared.

Warning: As at a nightclub, the environment in which I suspect this mix was recorded, there’s no track-listing to accompany the podcast. And as you would expect from a three and a half hour Podcast, this is a big file: 286MB to be precise. It’s worth every byte.

Stream or download Richie Hawtin Podcast here.

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    Thank’s for you post,
    Happy you appreciate our work
    Jean Louis
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  2. Riot Nrrrd™

    3 January, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Nice one Tone, have known Rich personally for years, downloading now :)


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