The iJamming! Download(s): Felice Brothers, U2, Conor Oberst

I’m in NYC for the weekend and ran out of time to post anything new and pithy, 140 characters or 14,000. I did get to check out some free MP3s that have come my way of late though and pass them on as follows:

The Felice Brothers: “Run Chicken Run”
I was staggered, but really happy, to open up the April issue of Uncut on my flight home from the UK and find that our local Catskills boys had secured a full-page 5-star review from Allan Jones for their new album Yonder Is The Clock, which is meant to be on my desk imminently. In the meantime, Palenville’s finest set off on their first major headling tour this week, opening festivities at the Bardovon in Poughkeepsie, and with a date at Webster Hall coming up this week.
More Felice Brothers at iJamming!

U2: “Get On Your Boots” (Justice remix)
A few weeks ago, Giant Step sent out a Crookers remix of the new U2 single that failed to improve upon the original. (And that’s not intended as a compliment to the original.) Though I’m not a big fan of Justice – too mainstream for my tastes – but the French dance crew seem to have found the rhythm necessary to propel U2 back to the dance floor. MP3 streamable only via Stereogum.
U2 interview at iJamming!

Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band – “Nikorette”

Gonna let Stereogum (again) sell you on this one:
“When Conor premiered this on Conan last year, we figured it was called “Nicorette” because we spell things correctly and probably don’t have a lawyer as good as Merge’s. Now dubbed “Nikorette” the rootsy charmer’s the second listen from the forthcoming Outer South. I love the line “texting my friend about a bad bad dream.” You can download this one if you know how to do all that control-click stuff.


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