The iJamming! Weekend Round-Up

iJamming! enjoys 48 hours back in New York City, notices more gentrification than ever (especially in the media), wants its MC5 documentary back, watches New York Doll and All Dolled Up, gets hit with a mild Nor’-Easter, listens to alternate Joy Division mixes and wishes it could get its hands on those New Balance Unknown Pleasures sneakers. Sorry, trainers.

The Democratic National Convention hires a new PR agent: the former Director of Communications from music industry body RIAA, which Boing Boing calls “the most hated company in America.” Smart move, Dems.

M**chester United, Ch**sea and L**erpool prove that England has the best teams in Europe. The price for success? One of the shittiest national teams in the World.

The great Crystal Palace FC of Steve Coppell era is no longer represented by four managers in the Premiership.

Researchers at Leeds University spend more than 1,000 hours testing 700 variants and come up with a formula for the perfect bacon sandwich. The New York Times reports its findings. iJamming! links to the story. Don’t any of us have anything better to do?

Mark Ronson covers ‘Pretty Green.’ The best thing we can say about it is that it’s not as bad as his cover of ‘Stop Me If You Think You Can’t Bear To Hear This Anymore.’

Paddy McAloon covers Steve McQueen, start to finish.

The Zimmers – average age 78 – cover ‘My Generation’ and the video is the best thing we’ve seen in years. Long live the old folk!

The NYC MTA starts rerouting buses because that c**t Bruce Ratner is taking Fifth Avenue between Atlantic and Pacific off the map to give way to Miss Brooklyn. Yes we will.

The Brooklyn Paper
refuses to stop asking Ratner the pertinent questions. Thanks for hanging in there.

Too many people in Brooklyn are too busy playing Bocce to give a damn.

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