The iJamming! Weekend Round-Up

What went on April 14-20

iJamming! loves the new album by Busdriver, the La Legua wine from Cigales in Spain, the free music from Explosions In The Sky and the 1943 book New World A-Comin’ by Roi Ottley. It’s not so sure about the airlines and DIY superstores jumping on the Earth Day bandwagon, and it accuses the CEI of doublespeak.

The east coast experiences what can only be called climate changes. Last weekend brings a Nor’Easter, with almost 72 hours of constant precipitation, bringing us snow, rain, snow, rain, ice, snow, rain, sleet and rain. And more rain. During the reduced school weak, we see sump pumps emptying out flooded basements all across the Catskills, have to navigate a foot-deep rut in our driveway, and re-route ourselves as flooded roads are closed to traffic. By this weekend, it’s like summer has arrived; people are wearing shorts and t-shirts even as the mountain peaks are still covered in last weekend’s snow. The weekend warmth, bizarre though it feels, saves the creeks and rivers from overflowing and residents breathe a sigh of relief: it could have been worse.

Hunter Mountain closes on the eve of the big snow fall; the web site later offers something of an apologetic explanation. Belleayre Mountain stays open, claiming more snowfall than sounds honest. Windham simply stays silent. iJamming! ponders driving to Vermont, where they’ve had four foot of snow in April alone, but decides to to get back in the running groove instead; the race season is about to kick in.

Thankfully, some people tell it like it is.

The U.S. Attorney General goes before the Senate Judiciary Committe, a hearing for which he has studied harder than he probably ever did in University, and still manages to say “I don’t recall” 42 times before lunch. Did he not take an oath to tell the truth? Or perhaps he can’t recall.

iJamming! had plans to bring you a free MP3 of Ted Leo covering The Jam‘s ‘Ghosts’ on Friday morning, and even wrote up the post, but while we were sleeping Thursday night, the Ted Leo site got redesigned and the MP3 removed. (This is true.)

You can now get $2 to the £1. Expect even more Brits on Madison Avenue. And a lot less Americans in Knightsbridge.

The Arctic Monkeys stream their second album at their myspace page. But will it be the quickest selling follow-up of all time?

A mentally unstable student kills 32 people at Virginia Tech with guns he should have not been sold. Within 48 hours, 171 people are killed in attacks across Baghdad. Why are people so consumed by hate?

Senator John McCain, the American “war hero” who is running for President, sings “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran,” to an audience of chuckling buffoons. Why are people so consumed by hate? We’ll take Keith Moon massacring the Beach Boys any day of the week. (Note: massacre is a metaphor. We love life.)

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