The iJamming! Weekend Round-Up

What went on Apr 21-27

iJamming! salutes friends who put their lives where their hearts are, tries to get back in the running groove, celebrates Earth Day in Woodstock peace stylee, discusses band reunions, heralds Frog’s Leap’s organic Sauvignon Blanc, goes to the premiere of football-in-the-middle-east movie Sons Of Sahknin United, listens to Podington Bear’s thrice-weekly Podcasts, and turns another year older.

Another one bites the dust: England World Cup winner Alan Ball dies at 61.

Spotted Dick? Man cuts off penis in London restaurant.

Sign of things to come? Brooklyn building parapet collapses the moment Bruce Ratner’s company puts their hands on it.

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho accuses the Premier League of making up “new rules.” Man United player Christiano Ronaldo accuses Mourinho of not being able to cope with failure. Mourinho calls Ronaldo a liar. Man United coach Alex Ferguson accuses Mourinho of going “on and on and on.” The rest of us enjoy the soap opera as it reaches its season finale.

Simon Reynolds knows more than you do about electronic music.

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