The iJamming! Weekly Download: Club Cotton Cake/Ibiza Voice

Remember when you used to get your dance mixes on CD? I do. I had an entire cabinet full of them at the point I moved house; at least 500 releases, many of them double CDs, mostly representing the halcyon days when Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, and Sasha and Digweed not only ruled the global dancefloors, but had found a way to franchise the process.

Just a few years later, and though mix CDs still occasionally come to my P.O. Box, the age of the Podcast has rendered them pretty much redundant. Put it this way: those 500 mix CDs are still in moving boxes. Instead, I’ve been frequenting all kind of web sites that offer regular free dance mixes. Some of them are by bedroom DJs who should take a course or two in programming, sequencing and the basics of mixing. But many of them are by professionals who seem happy to share their positive vibe for the sheer pleasure of, I guess, sharing their positive vibe.

Case in point: The site, which has been e-mailing me weekly news releases for the last few years. Most announcements seemed to concern 2-week club packages to Cape Town, massive one-nighters in London or San Antonio, or the very aforementioned mix CDs that I could have sworn were going out of business. But Ibiza-voice must have finally read the tea-leaves, because one day earlier this year the subject header in their weekly e-mail read, tantalizingly, “Music For Your Weekend: Episode 001.” Inside, I was assured that if I just clicked on a couple of links, Ibiza-Voice would “deliver a weekly Podcast of advanced music in your mailbox.” For free.

The house DJs from Club Cotton Cake in Glasgow deliver, via Ibiza Voice, for free.

They’ve kept their word. Since that fateful day, I’ve been acquainting myself via Podcast with the likes of D.J. Karotte, :Terry:, Marc Schneider, Mazi and, most notably this past week, with Cotton Cake. Three GlaswegiansMehdi Dadrass, Jamie Young and Danny Cairns – who run a monthly club of the same name, Cotton Cake specialize in an especially squiggly mid-tempo sensual Balearic vibe that got the missus and I all nostalgia for our clubbing days. (Or nights.) Better yet, it’s mixed live – you can hear them slow down one of the turntables at one point to (successfully) blend in another track.

You won’t find too much info about what Ibiza Voice calls its ‘Music Box’ Podcasts while on your iPod or iTunes, but click your way through from the sessions page at and you can, at least in the case of Cotton Cake, call up the full Tracklisting. There once was a day I’d have owned half the songs and known the others; now that I’ve hung up my headphones, I’m as clueless to the origins of Ame, Orcy and Barem – to name just the first three artists on this mix – as you probably are.

Scouring the web site to write up this post, I realize that the “sessions” have been going on for a couple of years, and it’s only in the last few weeks that they’ve been freely distributed as Podcasts. That means that if you care to, you can still listen to, among others, DJ Hell’s mix from June of last year. To do so, though, you’ll need to stay close to your computer’s speakers and your broadband connection. In this age of Podcasts, that feels awfully old-fashioned – almost like buying your dance mixes on CD. Now, if you’ll excuse me, since starting this post, Ibiza-Voice have uploaded yet another hour-long podcast. Just like they promised: Music for my weekend.

Ibiza Voice Music Box Podcast: Cotton Cake

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