The iJamming! Weekly Download: Independence Day Mix

We spent last Saturday evening at the annual July 4 (well, in this case July 5) barbeque of our good friends Jezz Harkin and Loren Chodosh, over in the woods behind Margaretville. Jezz is an Irishman raised in Birmingham (he’s a passionate Villa fan) who, like yours truly, ended up living here and marrying an American. Along the way he worked for various record labels and these days, among other activities, hosts a couple of online radio shows, including the self-proclaimed Brilliant show for Tribeca Radio – which wouldn’t mean a thing to most of us if not for the wonders of Podcasting.

I enjoy the Brilliant show for the obvious reason – Jezz has great taste. His shows are a mix of the classics and of entirely new and largely undiscovered acts: a recent show pitted the Zambris, Hands and Glasvegas against X-Ray Spex, Sly & Robbie and Billy Paul. For the week of July 4, Harkin put together an Independence Day mix and let the music do the talking. The mix is neither patriotic nor dissenting… well, actually it’s a little bit of both, which is how most people who reside here go about their lives here, believing in the best, trying to change the worst. There’s Was Not Was’s cut-up of a Bush speech “Read My Lips, A Thousand Points of Light” (yep, that Bush, the earlier one), Bowie’s “Young Americans” and “This Is Not America,” Gil Scott-Heron’s “Winter in America,” and a person after mine and Jezz’s hearts – Graham Parker, another British expat who lives full time in Woodstock, and whose recent album Don’t Tell Columbus included, among several other gems, “I Discovered America.” If for no other reason, you should listen to this Independence Day mix to discover that Parker has lost none of his biting wit.

Download or stream the Brillian Independence Day mix via here. Subscribe to the Brilliant podcast here.

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