The iJamming! Weekly Download: The Tripwire Podcast 037

The other day I went out on a long mountain run, training for the Escarpment Trail race. At the beginning, I loaded up the latest Tripwire podcast. Almost two hours later, the podcast finally came it its conclusion, just as I got back to my car. During that time, I had been spurred up and down the hills by a fascinating array of new music, very little of which I had heard before, none of which I felt the need to fast forward through. Hosted by Robert English, the Tripwire Podcasts run a wide gamet of indie music, including some hip-hop and electronica as well as the more standard guitars-bass-and-drums rock, though it falls far short of, for example, All Songs Considered, in that it doesn’t veer into world or folk or truly experimental music. But that’s fine. The Tripwire Podcast is more varied than many, more informative than most, and expertlty segued from start to finish, to the extent that sometimes you don’t even realize the songs have changed. Best of all, the Podcast is designed to just let the music play, with all the back-announcing done in two chunks, at the end of each hour: meantime, the songs and artist names pop up on your iPod with one click of the Select button, and on iTunes itself, the cover art also shows up and links to each act’s website.

The Tripwire Podcast 037 features great new music from Ebony Bones, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, The Lady Tigra, Lyrics Born, Ladytron, Dizzee Rascal, Creature, The Swayback, M83, and The Lodger, to name just a few. My personal highlights, out of many, are the opening, morbidly morose cover of “Always On My Mind” by Davey McManus from The Crimea; Langhorne Slim’s brassy and sassy “Rebel Side of Heaven” (“Although we’ve sinned all our lives, we ain’t going to hell, we’re going to the rebel side of heaven”) and the hilarious indie country rock love triangle “Fantasy Guy” by El Madmo (“In my fantasy you and me we screw like bunnies… But your wife gets in the way.“).

TheTripwire Podcast is very much part of the new music paradigm: two hours of great music legally available for download in the hope that you’ll feel sufficiently intrigued to either buy the act’s albums, go see them live – or, if nothing else, simply be aware that they exist. Judging by this latest selection, it’s not hard to see or say that independent music is as healthy in 2008 as it’s ever been.

Download The Tripwire Podcast 037 here

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