The New New York Weeklies Review

Spending too much time on the subway in the City, reading the New York Weeklies. Here are some of the things that caught my eye.

Best summary of Thanksgiving
Audrey Ference,
L Magazine

The spicy scent of cooling pumpkin pie, the buzz of a TV football game, the dull ache of shopping while constipated — these are sensations of Thanksgiving. Go home to your families, kids, and get drunk on the table wine of your parents’ passive-aggressive disapproval.


Best Fake News Story
The Onion

RIAA Bans Telling Friends About Songs

LOS ANGELES—The Recording Industry Association of America announced Tuesday that it will be taking legal action against anyone discovered telling friends, acquaintances, or associates about new songs, artists, or albums. “We are merely exercising our right to defend our intellectual properties from unauthorized peer-to-peer notification of the existence of copyrighted material,”


Best Example of The Left-Wing Hate Machine
Ted Rall’s Search and Destroy cartoon imagines the ‘Sex Life of Iraq War Vets,’ Village Voice.Rall must be the only cartoonist who makes Steve Bell look human.


Strangest Idea How to Turn New York City Back into New York CIty
Jim Knipfel, “Make The Homeless Feel Wanted.” the New York Press

Once word spreads that New Yorkers are being nice to the homeless again, maybe more of them will move back. The more comfortable they are, the faster their population will grow.


Best One-Liner In An Otherwise Serious Story about Police Harrassment of Nightclubs
Tricia Romano, Fly Life column, Village Voice

Everyone knows you don’t ask the bartender for drugs. You ask the DJ.

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