The People That Make Life Interesting

The dude in the pinstripe pimp suit in the bathroom at the Kingston Bus Station, splashing himself with eau de cologne
The girl on the bus down to NYC who was off to Dundee for a four-month exchange visit. “When does it get warm in Scotland?” she asked me. “Not while you’re there,” I answered.
The woman on the subway late on Monday night with nothing but a 2-year old son and a 16-strong jumbo bag of toilet paper.
The woman testing out mixing boards at The Guitar Center by singing gloriously (loud) through them
The two employees of the Guitar Center who stopped me to drool over my newly acquired Kraftwerk Minimum-Maximum box set, one of whom sang the riff to ‘Planet Rock’ to another employee to explain the act’s importance.
The schoolgirls on the subway platform playing each other (and dancing to) the latest hip-hop ringtones
The old guy with the ponytail who stopped to join in with the a capella doo wop act on the Union Square subway concourse and carried on singing the song all the way into the subway
The person who thinks Nine Songs is “the best movie ever made.”
The waiter at Ivo & Lulu, and the way he pronounces “flan” as “flarn.” It’s a French thing.
The waiter at the Soho Grand who responded to the request for another round of beers with: “How about I bring you some water instead?”
The bongo drummer and his dancer busking on the Union Square platform.
The cab driver who decided the optimum route from 1st Avenue and 18th Street to Port Authority was right through the heart of midtown. I kept my temper and simply said, as politely as I could, that the next time he picked someone up on that route he should go across 23rd Street and up 8th Avenue. And that he had five minutes to get me there. He apologized. And got me there with a minute to spare.
The newly mature me.

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