The Private Cinematic Reel

The Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Movie Theater in Hunter is a hidden treasure, showing one “independent” movie alongside one “mainstream” movie every Thursday through Monday nights, with matinees on Sundays. We haven’t been able to take too much advantage of this in the past, given the presence of children of a certain age, but now that Campbell is old enough to look after Noel for an hour or two here and there, Posie and I have determined to enjoy a few indie movie nights out together before we move down to our nearly-finished home and away from the cinema’s catchment area.

Last night then, a Monday, we bundled up tight in the frigid subzero temperatures, eschewed the earlier screening of The Good Shepherd and opted for Almodovar’s Volver – where, to our surprise and certainly not to the Foundation’s financial benefit, we found that we had the entire theater to ourselves. Despite the cold, which seemed to work its way through the walls and whistle around the empty theater, we felt like Hollywood stars ourselves. It helped that the movie was so damn good, too. (When I was in Spain last week, Penelope Cruz‘ Oscar nomination was front page news, as it should be – though as ever in an Almodovar movie, there’s at least a half-dozen supporting actresses equally worthy of acclaim.)

As we left, we said goodnight to the young staffer waiting to lock up behind us.

“We’ll be back next week for another private screening,” I said.

“Cool,” he replied. “I’ll tell everyone not to show up.”

That’s a date, then.

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