The Sound of Silence (and the Felice Brothers)

It’s going to stay relatively quiet on this front page over the next few weeks, much as I love spending time on iJamming!. For one, I’m in the home stretch on the book (finally); and something else has come up locally, which is requiring enormous amounts of energy. (I’ll elaborate along the line.) I just can’t seem to find the mental head space to write something original and of value here, so posts may be limited to links, MP3s and cut-and-paste jobs for the time being. As ever, the Pub is active, so pop on over for a virtual pint.

…And, though I couldn’t get to composing a proper review, a big Thanks to the Felice Brothers for such a fine show at the Bearsville Theater last Saturday night. Third time lucky, for us: the Catskills band finally treated (most of) their hometown gig as if they were impressing upon an audience of strangers. Until the encore, at which it all fell apart, it was by far the tightest and most cohesive – and impressive – time we’ve seen them. I love that there’s a local group of genuine blood brothers (and best friends) who are so true to the spirit of the Catskill Mountains. I also love that they’re popular in the UK. Enjoy this clip of Ian and Christmas playing in the back of a London cab:

Felice Brothers Myspace page here
More Felice Brothers at iJamming! here

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