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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been light on the long posts of late. Lots of reasons, not least that I’m enjoying sharing short sharp posts via Twitter (which you can also access on the right-hand side bar). Here’s my past week’s worth, from newest to oldest.

My iJamming! Featured Album review: “Civilized” by #Stellastarr* –
10:00am Jul 31st from

Just set up an amazon author page and am impressed. Visit your local bookstore first! Then go here…
12:18 PM Jul 30th from web

My forthcoming book, All Hopped Up and Ready To Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-77, got v. positive review in Publishers Weekly.
12:17 PM Jul 30th from web

Totally in love with new F*** Buttons track, “Surf Solar.” AND it’s only a 3-minute teaser for the 10 minute version.
11:46 AM Jul 30th from web

The advice works! Three full days without #running after the Escarpment Ultra, and I felt like a gazelle this morning. (A slow gazelle.)
9:42 AM Jul 30th from web

Glad I decided to give my legs a rest after Sunday’s Escarpment Run and stay home from tonight’s Cross COuntry, because it’s STILL raining..
5:56 PM Jul 29th from web

RT @allsongs Best of the Year (so far) show is finally online. … and not a British act in the top 10
2:39 PM Jul 29th from web

Raining so hard in the Catskills I can’t see out the window!
2:09 PM Jul 29th from web

Who would be in your (living) punk supergroup? Mick Jones? Steve Diggle? Glen Matlock? Then you’d better watch this.
9:34 AM Jul 29th from web

This is the fanzine I’d start if I started another fanzine. Welcome the Rhone Report:
9:14 AM Jul 29th from web

Coincidence no. 1: In honor of our footie-mad Spanish student, I decide to wear my England shirt yesterday…. So does he.
9:09 AM Jul 29th from web

@bradwiggins says “I was dazed,confused and hung over when asked questions about what I’ll be doing in the next 3 years…” Love it!
9:07 AM Jul 29th from web

Latest wildlife observation: a decapitated rabbit on the outdoor deck. A very proud cat licking his lips nearby.
9:11 PM Jul 28th from web

It got hot today. Felt the need for a lunchtime siesta. Took a dip in the creek with Noel instead. He made me laugh. It felt cool.
9:11 PM Jul 28th from web

Took our Spanish student tubing on the Esopus yesterday. I came back with way more cuts, bruises and scrapes than from the Escarpment Run.
4:19 PM Jul 28th from web

My account of this year’s Escarpment Run: “If it feels like work, you’re working too hard” – #running
9:56 PM Jul 27th from

Active twitterer @lancearmstrong is flaming the non-tweeting @acontador for his post-race comments today. Who said Twitter is boring? #tdf
9:52 PM Jul 27th from web

Typical Tony: Discover @bradwiggins the day after the #tdf concludes. Rumors are true: he’s a mod through and through.
4:18 PM Jul 27th from web

Another sign of the endless march through life: We’re hosting our first foreign student.
9:58 AM Jul 27th from web

That does not get any easier with age – especially when almost the entire course is covered with mud! #running
4:38 PM Jul 26th from web

Escarpment Run here I come… (and please let us not run inside a thunderstorm again this year) #running
5:22 AM Jul 26th from web

Thanks to #tdf, now even more psyched for tomorrow’s Escarpment Run. Can’t be harder than climbing Mont Vertoux. (Um, but it is.) #running
10:01 AM Jul 25th from web

How did I ever live without being addicted to the #Tdf? The good news (I guess) is that I only got addicted during the final week…
9:58 AM Jul 25th from web

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  1. baby jebus

    3 August, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    I still refuse to sign up for anything twittery, but it’s nice that you finally caught up with le best Tour in years (i.e. the result, so far, hasn’t been challenged). Of course the Belgian-born Cockney mod is the true winner, being the highest placed rider not either lightly implicated in drug scandals (Contador, Schleck) or caught bang to rights (Pharmstrong, whose 1999 samples were eventually discovered to be packed with EPO, by researchers working on a new test method years later- sadly the tour authorities didn’t introduce any EPO checks until 2000).

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