The Wonders Of Science

1) Posie and I take a brief spur-of-the-moment vacation last week and I’m able to update iJamming! every morning courtesy of our modest hotel’s free in-room broadband internet connection. (Does that constitute taking a holiday? Well, I wrote last week’s two album and wine review posts before going away, so the work involved was minimal. And I love the idea of being able to update the site by remote control. So, yes, it does constitute taking a holiday.)
2) Noel is understandably a little disconcerted with the new surroundings of his hotel room and requires some calming. Where are the Teletubbies when you need them? Answer: On the Internet, of course. The BBC’s Teletubbies site, which I call up instantaneously via the in-room broadband, has Tubby nursery rhymes, interactive Flash graphics and several of the show’s real-life videos. Noel sits on the hotel floor in clover. We are equally at peace.
3) Campbell is still in Yorkshire with his Granny. They call us on Thursday afternoon to catch up. The call is bounced from my daytime number to the cell phone via the magic of call forwarding; the UK phone number shows up on my cell via the wonders of Caller ID and I quickly hand the phone to Posie to pick up… For I’m at the wheel of the family car driving through the countryside of the remote Finger Lakes. We pull up and put the call on speaker phone at Campbell’s request, so he can talk to his baby brother. Our older son’s voice comes through as loud and clear as if he’s sitting next to us, even though he’s thousands of miles away and his call has been bounced around by satellites until it’s found us in a field. Noel gazes at the phone that emits Campbell’s voice with the same casual wonderment that he was earlier displaying for the Teletubbies on the computer. He must think the whole world operates by magic. He’s right.

The modern magic of childhood: Teletubbies on demand, and your big brother’s voice comes out of a little phone and finds you in a field from far overseas.

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