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If you’ve ever persisted with iJamming! long enough to follow the various recommendations and archives that run down the right sidebar, you’ll see that I link to some other web sites. I’m not alone in doing so. In fact, most web sites link to other web sites, but they only link to other web sites that link to their web sites. It’s a kind of Internet Pyramid Scheme that keeps everyone convinced they’re benefiting from their blogs; it’s also a game I don’t play because I’m a contrary SOB who only links to sites that are worthy, whatever that may mean to me on any given day. (And as a result, most web sites I link to don’t even know I exist, let alone link back to me. I never joined the Groucho Club either.)

Anyway, I just decided to follow one of my links to see if it was still worthy, and it sent me back here with the kind of inferiority complex usually experienced only by wanna-be rock guitarists after watching a 60-year old Pete Townshend slice and dice his way through a Gibson SG or two. In the space of a rapid-fire 1,000 word first-person piece that appears to have been tossed off as casually as a McDonald’s salad, “Dooce” – Heather Campbell – has again managed to sum up all that’s wrong with this world in such infuriatingly sarcastic language that you can’t help but laugh at her misfortune.

“Outsourced Caring™,”

she writes, crediting her husband for coming up with the term, is

“when a company cannot be bothered anymore with basic service and hires someone else to do the caring for them. It’s why you’re always getting transferred to someone else when you call customer service, because the person who answered the phone doesn’t get paid to care.”

Her most recent mishap – it involves a supermarket, automated check-outs and, of course, her three-year old daughter – has triggered all sorts of related thoughts, but I’ll leave them for now. I need to get back to being a writer.

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