This Thanksgiving Holiday I…

…Enjoyed a mini Christmas, complete with snow covering the outdoor fir trees
(and roof, and deck, and car, and driveway, and local roads)
…Relaxed with my mother, visiting from England
…Went to Montclair and back for Thanksgiving dinner
Which was bittersweet given that it was the first without my brother-in-law John
Who so bravely made it through to last year’s Thanksgiving
And passed but a few days thereafter
Never take good health for granted

…Saw pictures of myself at age 1
And agreed
That they look just like baby Noel
Who is shortly to celebrate his first birthday
I have a double
It’s the strangest thing
And also the most delightful

…Wondered what to do with myself given four and a half days off in a row
I’m not good at sitting still
So I didn’t: I made the most of the unexpected snow-filled week by going skiing not once, not twice, but three times in five days
(Listening to new albums by The (International) Noise Conspiracy and Franz Ferdinand, and an old one by Fountains Of Wayne, on my iPod)
It’s almost unheard of to get so much snow so early in the season
And indeed, it’s set to rain all week, washing the slopes back to mud
You take advantage of this stuff while you can

…Felt excited to get my 10-year old out snowboarding on Hunter Mountain for the first time this season
Felt stupid for encouraging him to go straight on a black diamond
Felt relieved that the snow was so soft he didn’t mind falling his way down that first run
Felt double relieved when he stayed on his feet as the run eased out
Felt proud that he then volunteered to go straight back to the top of the mountain
Felt double proud when he started fully linking his turns
Enjoyed a couple hours’ perfect father-son bonding
Felt delirious when he told me later on, “That was such great fun today”
Seize your moments while you can

He’s back…

…Listened to The Beatles’ White Album again
Told my 10-year old to turn down the volume on his video game so I could hear it properly
Told him I would be quoting him on the web site when he said “I don’t see what’s meant to be so great about this music, it’s boring,”
He was listening to ‘Martha My Dear’ at the time

…Read the latest issues of Q, Mojo and Uncut
Felt pity for John Lydon and anger towards his interviewer Michael Odell for suggesting that Lydon’s paying to fix his notoriously bad teeth was the equivalent of “plastic surgery”
(What is it about the British media’s aversion dentistry? Wasn’t Martin Amis half-hounded out of the country for daring to fix his teeth?)

…Drank some annoyingly average wine
(Drank? Or drunk? We have a grammar crisis here)
…Drank my share of one superlatively good wine: a Chassagne-Montrachet 2001 Premier Cru from Fernend et Laurent Pillot at the Scribner Hollow’s Prospect Restaurant in Hunter on Friday night
The liquid definition of refinement, elegance and style
Unfortunately, such qualities in wine often comes at a price premium
Just as they do with women
Did I really just say that?

…Logged on frequently to the iJamming! Pub in amazement at its ever-increasing momentum
I really enjoy reading the serious debates and the public flirting
And no longer feel the need to interject just to keep the theads going

…Mourned the death of George Best
Which I heard about through my own web site
Oddly enough

…Visited a Yorkshire-born acquaintance from London of many years ago
Who is now a neighbor up in the Catskills
And who lives even higher up in the hills than yours truly
From his farm house kitchen, looking out on the snow-covered stables
I could almost have convinced myself we were in our native Yorkshire
…But for the mountains

Guess who’s coming to (the) dinner (table)?

…Took Campbell to see Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
Smiled wryly at the movie’s accurate depiction of puberty inferiority complexes
That fear of asking someone out
the subsequent surprise at learning that they might have said yes
If you’d only got there before someone else
Laughed at and memorized as our new catchphrase the exchange:
“Is that a student?”
“Technically it’s a ferret”
Sat terrified and riveted by the movie’s half-hour horror sequence starring Ralph Fiennes
Wondering whether my son should be witnessing something like this
Until he pointed out afterwards that there was no blood anywhere in the film…
..Even when Timothy Spall cut off his own hand
Whoops, belated spoiler alert
But you’ve seen the movie by now, have you not?
Seemed like everyone of every age at our family’s Thanksgiving Dinner had

…Went to Woodstock the day after Thanksgiving
Start of the holiday shopping season
And even in a village like Woodstock
It was too crowded for comfort
Especially as the stores don’t feel compelled to shovel their sidewalks free of snow and ice
No doubt they expect the faeries to do it for them
Noel didn’t enjoy himself
Nor did Granny
Campbell did: he came away with a new Bionicle
Grannies exist to spoil their grandchildren…

It must be something in the Beverley baptism fonts: my homie Pasc has his fingers in more pies than yours truly.

…Saw my mate Pascal Wyse photographed on the back page of the Guardian
Playing trombone with McFly
The band Dave Gahan says he hates, in one of those Brit monthly mags
Pas has a column in the Guardian now
Which the newspaper cheekily calls jamming
Follow this link if you don’t believe me
Pasc played trombone on ‘Don’t Stop 2005’
By Apocalypse
In case you were wondering

…Watched The Office Christmas Special for the second time in two weeks
It’s never too late
To laugh with the masses
Nor to believe in love
And to wish eternal happiness for all the Tim and Dawns of this world

…Watched the first fifteen minutes of the Beeb’s John Peel Documentary
Kindly taped and brought my way by my mother
Though it’s much as you’d expect
Predictable tributes to a man who nonetheless merited them

Vanity Fair knows the first truth of hypocricy: Drug use moves ink

…Read the latest Vanity Fair
Which asks of Kate Moss – “Can She Come Back?”
To which I respond
If that’s her face selling the front cover, then clearly
She has not yet gone away
Has she?

…Learned not to trust Google Maps
Which decided to send me to Newark Airport
Via a non-existent route
There’s a first time to try anything
This was not it
Sorry Mum
But I still got you on the plane in time
Thanks for visiting

Now back to work

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4 Comment(s)

  1. 29 November, 2005 at 1:41 pm

    Kate Moss is still so very very pretty. That’s why they still pay her the very very big bucks.

  2. Shona

    30 November, 2005 at 7:53 am

    Tony – I’m exhausted just reading about your 4 days off…….

    Oh isn’t it great having 10 year olds……. I can’t wait until Harriet & Campbell meet up again in the future – I wonder if they will have the same connection as we did? – Hattie is obsessed with the fashion (esp hair!) – back in the 80’s – and is glad I don’t still look like that (kids eh?)

    Little Noel looks like you…… please email me a recent photo…..

    Thankfully you got around to watching the The Office christmas special (Tim & Dawn – you old softie……) – Wait until you watch Extras – Ricky played a blinder….. finished The Office when he did – it’s a shame Little Britain don’t see the light……

    Must dash – pub business to be had…….. and I agree with mccutcheon regarding Kate Moss – but she’s not only pretty but real……

  3. 1 December, 2005 at 1:53 pm

    Hey Shona

    YEs one day they’ll meet again. As for,

    “please email me a recent photo…..”

    Of who? That’s up to date of the kids and I thought I posted too many pics of myself on the site as is!

    Stay well


  4. Shona

    1 December, 2005 at 7:46 pm

    Of baby Noel – of course – I have FAR TOO MANY pictures of you – AND not for public viewing…….

    No – i have everyone’s kids on my computer – in my Apocalypse kiddies album – so I’d like to add Noel – and come to think of it a recent one of all of you…. I don’t know how to retrieve from the site…. so an attachment would be most welcome…….



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