…Though This May Make You Smile…

Over the course of five days up in the hills, I don’t think I raised my voice once. I didn’t see a single argument at the Culture Festival. And road rage doesn’t exist up there. I was in New York City all of two minutes last night when I got stuck behind someone driving very very slowly west along 34th St. I needed to turn left down 11th Ave from her lane but because I knew I wouldn’t make the light anyway I just stayed behind her as she crawled to a stop at the red signal. Something made me pull up a full six feet behind her, but it was still not enough – her car started rolling backwards and though I honked the horn furiously she didn’t stop until she came to rest on my front fender. No damage at that speed but still I was pretty angry…

…Not as angry as her, it turned out. At least not initially. She came storming out of her car to embark on the following exchange.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

“Me?” I replied, getting out to remonstrate. “You just rolled back into my car!”

“I did?” She looked amazed.

“You did,” shouted a chorus of people awaiting entrance at the Casablanca Club right on the corner. Fortunately, I had witnesses.

“Oh.” She looked embarrassed now. “I thought you drove into me.”

“No, I was honking to attract your attention.”

“Oh.” Then she brightened. “I know what must have happened. You see, I had the car in neutral…”

“And you’re meant to keep your foot on the brake when you do,” I heard the wife mutter.

“I’m sorry” she said.

We got back in our respective cars. The lights had gone through another cycle already. And I knew I was back in New York City. But hey, at least she apologized.

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