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The Go! Team are to tour American this October on the back of their debut album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Yes, this is the same British independently-released album we were all talking about almost a year ago, but it’s since been picked up by American major Columbia Records. And yes, this is the same Columbia Records that was last week the focus of a major payola scandal which dominated American news media as if – shock! horror! – favors, prizes and cash NEVER changed hands between major labels and radio stations.

With Columbia’s parent company Sony Music setting up a $10,000,000 music education fund as a means of pleading guilty as charged – without the awkward court appearances, personal fines, jail terms etc – does this mean The Go! Team will have to succeed on artistic merit alone? And if so, have the major labels not learned that by the time they release a hip British indie album one year after the event, they’ve already lost all the buzz and initial sales they could anticipate? Probably not. If the payola “scandal” proved anything, it’s that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Go! Team at Southpaw in Brooklyn this past March

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The Go! Team tour dates are at the Memphis Industries site here.


And while we’re talking lawsuits, how better to get back at those who snitch against you in the witness stand than… by suing them? Congratulations to Lil’ Kim for confirming that Junior M.A.F.I.A. blood is no thicker than a sheaf of legal documents. She’s suing Lil’ Cease for releasing a DVD without her permission. At least, this time, she’s not denying her presence..


I don’t spend too much time scouring the Web for the latest music news; I rely on other iJamming! readers and my regular Intray for much of my news. To which end, thanks to McCutcheon for alerting us to Spiritualized leader Jason Pierce’s life-threatening illness. Some of us rank Jason’s music up there with the best of it. Here’s hoping he survives to make much more of it.


And while we’re on the subject of survival, the countdown is on for CBGB, the punk mecca which is hoping to prove its ongoing relevance by hosting a series of high-profile benefits this month featuring…. Sham 69, the Anti-Nowhere League and The Exploited. I kid you not. As they say all over the place, with friends like these…

(…Though in fairness, Ted Leo/Pharmacists are playing CBGB tonight to help kick off the Save CBGB month.)


Finally, if anyone apart from my mother lives in Humberside – that is, anyone who reads iJamming! – I’ll be on the local BBC radio station this Wednesday, around 2.15pm your time, talking about Keith Moon and no doubt explaining once more that, yawn, no he never did drive a car into a swimming pool and yes, he did accidentally drive a car over his driver. Our own iJamming! Ultimate Keith Moon quiz continues here.

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