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“Whatever you think of this band, they were good.”

So you wanted to see the Arctic Monkeys in concert but all the tickets sold before you could get your grubby hands on them? Fear not, NPR recorded and archived their show at the 9.30 Club in Washington, D.C. on March 27. You can find that show, and an interview with the band, here. iJamming! regular Sheffield Jamie warns us you can also hear him heckling in the background. (What I want to know Jamie, is, if you recently moved to Florida, what were you doing in D.C.?) Other recent NPR Live Concert broadcasts, also archived for streaming-on-demand, include The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Subscribe to the company’s All Songs Considered and you will be able to access 15-minute concert samplers for your iPod.

Matt Helders, Alex Turner and James Cook: not on anyone’s bandwagon.


“There’s a little thing called the Internet that helps.”
Tom Smith, The Editors, KEXP

So you went to SXSW in Austin and, despite your readers’ advice, you skipped out on the Billy Bragg show? Fear not, KEXP recorded and archived a gig with him there, as they did with several others. Subscribe to their Live Performances Podcast and, every day this week, you’ll find yourself with a fresh live recording from America’s best radio station’s sponsored shows at America’s biggest music industry shindig. Already uploaded: The Editors, Jose Gonzalez and Silversun Pickups. Scan further down the list of archived live performances (at iTunes) and you’ll find an acoustic set by Echo & The Bunnymen along with a show from a group I’ve been assured are more exciting live than on record: The Magic Numbers. I’ll get back to you on that one.

“Wayne. Come back!”

So you always thought Wayne Rooney would be better off in goal? Watch the Nike World Cup commercial just launched here and you’ll see him between the posts (and then running up the field despite Alex Ferguson’s fake protestations). The music accompanying the ad, by the way, is a Radio 4 song, ‘Caroline,’ initially released as a B-side five years ago. Amazing what happens in this world, isn’t it?

Radio 4 supplies the music to a new Nike ad. Here.


“If this suits you, head on over to iTunes or your local store or your online location and go pick it up.”

So you follow the iJamming! ‘Electronica Music’ thread but are frightened of spending money on music you might not be able to sing along to? Subscribe to indiefeed’s Electronica Podcast (via their web site or at iTunes) and get yourself a new slice of leftfield music every day. This past week has seen excellent broadcasts by the brilliantly-named Massive in Mensch from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the world-beat Bombay Dub Orchestra, potentially from Bombay, India.

“Her father said I lost her, her brother said I f****ed her”
‘Insistor’ by Tapes n Tapes

So you follow music of all kinds, but no longer have the time to go record-hunting and would be happy to hear just one new song a day from some genre in the music universe? Subscribe to KEXP’s Song of The Day podcast and allow yourself to be surprised. The last few days has found my iPod loaded with a demo from Hopewell, a live song by the Village Green, an old track by Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and the fantastically scruffy Insistor by Tapes n Tapes, an act that will remain a secret not many minutes much longer.


“I can’t… superb.”
So you want to know what your iJamming! editor looked and sounded like back in 1982? Ijamming! Pubber Jaffo just uploaded a rather confusing clip of yours truly raving truly after a Zeitgeist show at The Venue. In asking my permission to make the clip public, Jaffo assured me that I was not drunk at the time. The sight of me swigging from a bottle of wine seems to rather refute that promise.

A young Jaffo and even younger Fletch enjoy a post-match report in 1982.


“He got the TV and threw it into the swimming pool but… he got a very long extension on the TV so when he threw it into the swimming pool it was still on, so you actually saw the picture as it hit the swimming pool.”
Chris Stamp, Who manager.

So you want to watch a documentary about Keith Moon but you don’t own a TV? (Perhaps you threw it into your swimming pool?) Also available at youTube, in 5parts, the VH1 Behind The Music special on our dear departed boy. Yours truly makes several appearance in this clip, too. Fortunately for you, he’s sober (and even partially intelligible) throughout.


“In retrospect, I think ‘This is a Modern World’ is a great album. There are?many good songs on it.”
Rick Buckler

So you love The Jam but get a little fed up with hearing only the one historical perspective on the group. (i.e. that of Mr Paul Weller.) Rick Buckler speaks truth to justice in an excellent in-depth interview at online mod magazine Positive Energy Of Madness.


“If the Arctic Monkeys stall, a lot of British music industry hopes stall with them.”

Steve Lamacq, KCRW Music Exchange, podcast available here. Nuff said.

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  1. jaffo

    6 April, 2006 at 11:29 am

    It was a bottle of champagne Fletch, just given to me by a rather excited female fan. We didn’t get may excited female fans at our gigs surprisingly.

  2. 6 April, 2006 at 12:27 pm

    I thought you were in Utah hangin with Dooce.


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