Tony Scores an Own Goal

Campbell and I finally got the PS2 FIFA Soccer 2006 game up and running on Sunday afternoon. Naturally I was determined to play as Crystal Palace and, for the fun of it, I asked Campbell to play as Brighton, Palace’s long-term rivals. Of course, being beginners as we were, our first game ended in a dreadful 0-0 draw, with more balls being kicked out for a throw-in that ever made it down the field. It takes a while to get the knack of these controls, doesn’t it?

The next best thing to being there?

For the second game, Campbell asked to switch: Palace, being the better team in real life (as we all know), had a pre-match advantage, and Campbell rightly thought he might have a better chance of beating me if he were Andy Johnson rather than whatever loser Brighton currently pays to try and score goals.

Reluctantly, I switched sides. And gradually got into the swing of things. I even got the occasional dribble together. But because we were each having trouble keeping our shots at anything approaching head height, this game also finished 0-0. Figuring it as a Cup Replay, we opted to play extra time and, in the very last minute, I seized the ball and, rather than shooting or passing, and with the clock ticking down, just ran straight at goal.

Score! Able though he may be in the flesh, Palace keeper Kiraly could not keep me out as I stormed right through him and I ran laps round the house in celebration of the first ever Fletcher household Playstation goal.

Only when Posie played referee and sent me back to the TV did I realize what I’d done. The full-time score: Palace 0, Brighton 1. A sore victory indeed.

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  1. 28 March, 2006 at 1:05 pm

    Well, at least you didn’t make the little lad play as Millwall!

  2. 29 March, 2006 at 2:38 pm

    Wot? No one was Fletcher for Man U?


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