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Keen iJamming! readers may notice a new side-bar over on the right hand side of the web site today: Tony’s Hitlist. This addition reflects my desire to maintain a regular front-page reference to the things that turn me on; it also acknowledges my failure to post Monthly Hitlists or Featured Reviews, at the rate I would like. Right now, the Hitlist features Albums, Songs, Books and Wine, with links to those I’ve previously reviewed in detail, and visual links to their pages for no greater reason than that someone designed an easy coding program for that very purpose.

The nice thing about this floating sidebar list is that it’s malleable: I can add and delete items as they move in and out of my immediate radar. This seems to make more sense than eternally waiting around to compile a monthly Hitlist, and it also seems a better use of this web site’s easy editing capabilities.

In time, I might add other items to the Hitlist. I might also expand the iJamming! Categories that run below it to include the Catskills and Skiing. And while I’m at it, I keep meaning to add to the woefully inadequate list of recommended links that are even further down the page. (I don’t subscibe to the web-ring ethos of “you link me, and I’ll link you,” but I do recommend a few morre sites than just these.)

A lot of people who make music, write books or direct movies refer to their projects as a “work-in-progress.” The great thing about a web site is that it always remains a work-in-progress, continually open for improvement and capable of immediate change. I remain eternally gratified that people ever take the time to stop by iJamming!, let alone to offer comments, pop in to the Pub, send me personal e-mails, or just surf on through the other side, and I’ll continue to try and make everyone’s experience that much more entertaining, enjoyable, and even educational, for as long as I have time to put in on it. Thanks to Kenny McColl for continuing to put in his own unpaid time tweaking the site to my specs. Cheers.

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