Regular iJamming! readers will know that the Fletcher family has been living, somewhat proudly, without a television since moving Upstate last September. (To understand why, read this post.) Those same regular readers must surely have been wondering how a football nut like myself was going to cope without a TV during the World Cup. Well, my friends, you will no doubt be relieved to know that where The Sopranos, BBC America and Desperate Housewives all failed, the prospect of watching Landon Donovan, Stephen Gerrard and (let’s face it, we’re all Brazilian addicts at heart), Ronaldinho succeeded.

Driving back up from Newark Airport Monday night, I stopped in at Best Buy, where a measly $136 bought me a perfectly good Toshiba 13” flat screen TV. (Things really ARE cheap over here aren’t they?) Tuesday morning, a suitable 90 minutes ahead of a scheduled appointment I had made just before leaving for England, the Time Warner man showed up at the office to connect the Digital TV and Hard Disc Recorder, a process that took all of about 10 minutes. I now find myself connected to the all-important UK-fronted Fox Soccer Channel, with its almost pornographically comical updates on the World Cup Squads. (Breaking News: Rooney En Route To Germany!) I have also checked into my other important channels: primarily ESPN2, which will be broadcasting most of the World Cup matches, though parent station ESPN gets some of the more important fixtures, and a handful of weekend games – including England-Paraguay this Saturday morning – will have the honor of being broadcast on that old-fashioned antiquity known as network television, in this case ABC.

Apparently I still have another 271 channels to discover. But you know what? They’ll just have to wait a month.

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  1. 9 June, 2006 at 8:06 am

    I know, I know.. after high-mindedly swearing off it for months, years even I’ve now got two of ’em out (gotta compete with daughter’s anime collection). No cable, but Univision broadcast every match down here, as well as the channels you mention. I suspect Nevada Smiths will be jammed every game, but there’s also Lunasa, Phebes and few more places showing the games in the area.

  2. 9 June, 2006 at 1:35 pm

    Update: Univision reception was crap so stepped out to the Egyptian Pizza place to watch Costa Rica lose with the commentary in Arabic. The Egyptians were laughing at Klinnsmann; I think everyone was hoping for a German debacle. Jaws dropped at the fourth German goal (the volley).

    Anyway, fixed reception (I think!), so on to Ecuador here at home. That way I can pretend to work. Rode over with an Ecuadorian cab driver dressed in national team colours earlier in the day, he had the Costa Rica game on the radio, so that’s decided my loyalties for today.

    Tomorrow? Been invited to Nevada Smiths of course, but 8am in that claustrophobic drunken room, nah… the same crowd are going to an Argentine place on West Broadway for the afternoon game, talk about putting your head in the lion’s mouth. Coudl be a larf I suppose. Aller Cote D’Ivoire! Los Argentines son ‘cheats’ anyway, no puedes jugar el futbol, no vale nada. Inglaterra Campeones. Etc.

  3. 9 June, 2006 at 1:55 pm


    I haven’t been over here for a year or so ::shameful blush:: but I like your new blog-ish site, where we can leave comments :o) (oh boy, are you in trouble now…)

    How are you? I see in previous posts you visited my humble little country (-ies if I include my current residence, London). Greek weather and Greek food eh? What can I say… I’m glad you enjoyed your stay.

    As for me, I’m all WHO’d up! Just confirmed my ticket for Live At Leeds and I am more than excited, I can hardly breathe!!! Also, through Rachel Fuller (Pete’s girlfriend) I won two tickets for Hyde Park Calling.
    I am so happy to see my boys again!

    I don’t know if you have listened to any Simon Townshend/Casbah Club music, they are GREAT! I have personally met and congratulated Simon, he is a brilliant fellow.
    Have you ever watched In The Attic, the live webcast Rachel, her friend Mikey, Pete and Simon do? It’s AMAZING. Pete is always happy when he’s In The Attic. And he sings too! Hit Towser TV on Pete’s website on Tuesday at around 7pm to watch it.

    Oh, so much has happened ever since I emailed you about reading Hedonism… If you ever have the time, take a look around my blog where I describe v. exciting things from the past few months….4th of December is one of them!

    Enjoy the football frenzy

    PS: 50 Moonie songs…as you know for me is never enough, lol. Nice picture of Keith from the Esso era :o)


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