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Underworld fans can not be surprised that the duo of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith chose to utilize their web site and its built-in fan base as yet another way of circumventing the usual major label tour-album-tour-album rigmarole; this is a “group,” after all, that has specialized in deconstructing the music business norm ever since coming up against a dead end two albums into a major label career. After spending the 1990s at the core of the whole techno/electronic music boom, the last few years have seen the trio strip down to a duo (with the departure of Darren Emerson) and pare back their visibility while working from closer to home: Smith and Hyde are both firmly into middle-age and presumably no longer enamored with transAtlantic travel or record company marketing meetings.

Last year, utilizing the popularity of and, the act released two online-only EPs as part of the Riverrun Project, while broadcasting occasional DJ sets live online from their Lemon studios. Now, this coming Saturday May 13, at 10pm GMT, 5pm EST, Rick and Karl are hosting another live online set, and this time they promise

“unheard material, exclusive information and announcements ?about what Rick and Karl are planning next, and details of the upcoming release ?of the 3rd installment in the Riverrun download series.”

In other words, the pair are promoting themselves once more. They must be getting itchy. And when Underworld get itchy, we get all tingly.

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Karl Hyde photographed in Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens by Tony Fletcher. Photoshop manipulation by Posie Strenz

For my in-depth interview with Karl Hyde (cited by the group’s official site as “the best interview we’ve seen with Karl all year” back in 2002) please start at this here page.

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