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I wrote the back cover blurb to a book. iJamming! Pub and Comments regular, and my occasional DJ partner, the many they call McCutcheon, was daft enough to take my advice and publish his own book of short stories. But he was smart enough to call me on my enthusiasm and have me deliver the back cover copy. I wrote this:

They say you should write what you know. So McCutcheon writes about himself: a character called McCutcheon who writes about a writer called McCutcheon. In this story-teller’s hall of mirrors, Fact and Fiction get high, get drunk, way lyrical about great music, then fall into be with each other, where they exchange bodily fluids to produce a baby called Hilarity. McCutcheon’s stories will have you in stitches. They are also guaranteed to offend. Who could ask for more?

Sex Drugs And Rock\'n\'roll Never Goes Out of Style

McCutcheon wrote the rest. You can order Sex Drugs And Rock’n’roll Never Goes Out of Style by clicking the amazon link on the picture up above. Hedonism fans will surely be delighted. The rest of you might want to check for the parental advisory sticker.

I contributed to a travelogue. You’ll have to search hard on the otherside web site to find my contributions, but they’re there. (Alright, they’re here.) iJamming! Pub regular Michael Cohen had a wonderful idea to launch his multi-media label Deaf, Dumb and Blind. He combined a mix CD with a travel guide DVD, teamed up with Time Out, and launched the first three in the series at the end of last year: London, Paris and New York. Having been in all three cities this January I feel like I should be commenting on the contents, but I was too busy traveling to find time to be a tourist. Goddamn. The web site invites users to make their own contributions, so get busy now.

I named an album. I got an email from the Italian group Joe Leaman telling me that their fifth album will be called No One Releases Cassettes Anymore. I thought it was a good title, then I realized these were my words. When I first set up iJamming!, I included a piece about Ride’s debut album Nowhere, the first in a series called Forgotten Classics that sadly ran out of steam after two episodes. No answer from Joe Leaman as to a) where they got the band name (that one is definitely not my fault) or b) whether they’re releasing No One Releases Cassettes Anymore on cassette.

I got an e-mail from Sean Carolan, a former regular at the Melody Bar in New Brunswick (on which dancefloor I met my wife, 16 years and 8 days ago). He’s launched an online radio station, Altrok Radio, that perpetuates the music of that era (along with newer stuff too, of course). His melody:culture show has a short run on real FM Radio Thursday through Saturday nights on 90.5FM in Monmouth County, home of both WRSU and the recently deceased WHTG. But nobody uses transmitters anymore: find the station here.

And I’m still not sure if I got this CD because iJamming! is the only music web site in the world to write regularly about wine, but get it I did. On Quicksand Blues, wine importer Kermit Lynch – one of those names whose appearance on a wine bottle is near enough a guarantee of quality – returns to his musical roots rather than those that prop up the grapevines: the blues. A vanity project, you say? Maybe, but how many wine importers can get Boz Scaggs to play on their album and write the sleevenotes? The answer is: probably any wine importer who make a point of inviting rock stars to their French retreats and sharing their best bottles. It would work for me. Oh wait, I’m not a rock star…

Quicksand Blues

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