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R.E.M. HQ was kind enough to post a link to my site on Saturday, which explains the huge spike in traffic iJamming! has experienced since then. A quick welcome to R.E.M. fans who may be visiting for the first time. At iJamming! I write about anything and everything, sometimes to the detriment of journalistic follow-though, but hopefully with good intentions. There aren’t too many places where R.E.M. fans will also find postings on Keith Moon and the Who, wine, the Hudson Valley, Underworld, English football, local politics, running and skiing and what have you. So browse around, enjoy, and we’d love to see you over in the Pub if you feel like starting a thread or joining an existing one.

This site used to have a comments section, but I was having problems with spam; it’s my understand that if I migrate my site over to a newer version of WordPress I can then use a reliable spam filter, but I just haven’t had time to learn how to do so. Any webheads out there who can help me with it, drop a line. You can find my e-mail address easily enough if you look for it.

Anyway, you can find all my posts relating to R.E.M. through this link; some are more peripherally about the band than others. I’d also love to recommend you visit the Remarks Remade page from the older (V1.0) iJamming! site. My first biography on R.E.M. was written in 1989; after a couple of updates and multiple translations, then in 2002 I finally turned it into the book I always wanted to write about the group. You can find it through the usual online suspects.

Remarks Remade: The Story Of R.E.M. (2003)
Available through
iJamming! R.E.M. pages start here

And with that, we head back to the bar.

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