We’re Leaving Home, bye bye

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As most of you probably know, Tony Fletcher, Posie Strenz and Noel Fletcher will be leaving home on January 1 to spend 2016 backpacking their way around the world. Campbell Fletcher will be spending the rest of his Junior year at College in Montreal. It promises to be an adventurous year for all of us!

Many of you have asked whether we will be “blogging” our travels. We will, but not in any one place.  For the most part we hope to keep it short and sweet, putting up photos at Instagram, where Tony is leaglealien and Posie is posiestrenzNoel, meanwhile, has set up a YouTube Travel Vlog! especially so he can file video reports from the field. Please subscribe HERE to encourage him to get them out, wi-fi permitting.

Tony will be reporting every month or so for the Team Inov-8 blog; Inov-8, who typically sponsor proven athletes, have graciously brought our entire family on to their Team, supplying us with footwear and other clothing for our hiking and trekking.
Noel will be writing sporadically for the blog at eSparkLearning, He is the first child to take eSparks’ student-centered iPad curriculum out of the classroom into a mobile education environment; we’re thrilled for their support.
Tony is also hoping to writing regularly about international politics for
Noel will also be writing for Good Life Youth Journal in the Hudson Valley.
…And Campbell who, when not working on his Game Art course at Champlain, can be found working on…. game art, for SundaeMonth.

If you already hang out with one of us on Facebook or Twitter, keep checking in; we will probably offer updates, though we look forward to focusing on our local environments!

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  1. Elisabeth Wolf

    8 April, 2016 at 10:12 am

    We met in the ABC trek, and I was quite impressed by Noel. I am looking forward to yoir reports about your travel.
    Besteht wishes Form Elisabeth (Braunschweig, Germany)

  2. 2 December, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    Hello Elisabeth; I believe I remember you, if you were the older more experienced hiker who has been to Nepal many times. Thanks so much for checking in. You might find more about the trip at my Facebook page, where I posted occasional updates. Thanks so much for getting in touch.

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