What Did You Do New Year’s Eve?

Me, I stayed up until midnight for the first time in three December 31sts. Here’s what I remember about our night at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan:

My ‘Smiley Miley’ DJ moment, leading the count down to midnight … by pure bluff given that there was no TV in the room and no way of knowing the exact time.

Tim Fite’s perfectly synchronized video of himself playing electric guitar while the onstage version of himself played acoustic, sang the blues and occasionally led the crowd through a checklist of working fingers. That and his gorgeous wooden boom box. Plus his computer-playing sidekick, whose name I did not catch.

Being so damn sober at midnight that I completely forgot we’d cue’d up the Beach Boys acapella version of ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ I instead went straight into a dance track. Fortunately, my fellow DJ McCutcheon had been drinking and was therefore able to remind me what to play. Funny how that stuff works, is it not?

Roxy Pain in the Tap Room doing a remarkable (visual) impersonation of the Flaming Lips. Wish I could have watched for longer.

The Phones remix of Bloc Party’s ‘Banquet,’ iJamming! pubber Dave’s remix of Audio Bullys’ ‘EQing,’ the Jagz Kooner mix of Soulwax’s ‘E Talking,’ Punks Jump Up‘s ‘Revolution Call’, and that brilliant mash-up of Blur and Kasabian, ‘There’s No LSF.’

Vic Thrill and the Saturn Missile’s costumes.

Asking for a glass of the backstage champagne when the clock hit midnight – and being told it was finished. I later found they’d only drunk the cheap stuff and nobody had yet dared open the bottle of Perrier Jouet. Score.

Playing Althea and Donna’s ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ as entry music for Radio 4

Radio 4 playing five (or was it six) songs from their forthcoming album – and the crowd dancing to them all.

That girl in the front row who was wearing a strapless dress: I could see them jingling (baby) all the way from up in the DJ booth behind you.

P.J. – August West to the Pubbers – coming on for the encore waving a bottle of J.D.

Radio 4 closing out with ‘Complete Control’, featuring the Saturn Missile on impeccable “you’re my guitar hero” guitar solo and Vic Thrill on terrace-credible “C-o-n, Control” backing vocals.

Tussle in the Tap Room. Was that three drummers and a percussionist? Or two drummers, a percussionist and a computer geek? Hard to tell with the lights out but it was damn interesting all the same. Though perhaps a little dark for New Year’s Eve.

McCutcheon keeping a crowd on the Knitting Factory floor for two solid hours after Radio 4 came offstage. No easy task at that venue. Props.

Being invited to several parties at four in the morning and, knowing I had a family-style party – you know, with kids and soup and intelligent conversation and suchlike – to attend in the Catskills only ten hours later, declining.

All right, I went to one of them.

But I left an hour later.

And slept on my own.

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