Why England WILL Win The World Cup…

No sooner had I spent all that time uploading the pictures from the Why England Won’t Win The World Cup e-mail doing the rounds, than someone sent me a link to the web page at which it originated. It’s here. (The circular e-mail removed the picture of the Aussie girl contentedly drinking beer.)

And no sooner had I posted the brilliant picture of the English geezer in his bikini than someone else sent me a link to what’s now become a World Cup tradition: the body-painted World Cup babes. (Visit this iJamming! page from 2002 for a peace-offering picture of an Argentinean in her birthday strip.) Perhaps England stand a chance, after all:

Then again, if this girl is English, my name’s Eartha Kitt.

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  1. snotty moore

    25 June, 2006 at 8:53 am

    I dunno Tony- bleached hair, slightly pinched expression, navel jewellery, definite air of ‘this is the best I will ever look so take me now Mr Footballer’- she looks pretty English to me. The only evidence missing is the alcopop bottle.
    Personally I reckon the English Geezer In The Bikini is really a Scot, or worse, an Aussie, trying to discredit St George’s Red and White Flagged Army. It’s already been a good year for St G- Barca won the CL, and according to some sources the only reason he’s the patron saint of Catalunya (under the name ‘Jordi’) is rampant Anglophilia on the part of big-tached nineteenth century local nationalists.
    We’re bound to win the WC though, because the last time a child with my surname was born in our extended family, we won the next tournament England played in. So let’s hope my daughter didn’t use up her baby luck on the Ashes, eh?


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