Why I Love January

….Partly because, most years, it’s the first full month of skiing. When you have snow on the mountains, that is. But mainly because it heralds an avalanche of new music. After the onslaught of platinum-guaranteed albums released in the weeks leading up to Christmas, there’s that briefest of lulls for people to sober up, and then the radio stations, music blogs, magazines and my physically mailbox all start filling up with the stuff I’m really interested in, the left-of-centre music that’s been building up a backlog, waiting impatiently for the new year to unleash itself.

Last week, I landed new albums by LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Sondre Lerche and Tracey Thorn, which joined the excellent new album by Youth Group. I also heard new tracks by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and Chemical Brothers, and I was introduced to Apostle of Hustle, Joakim, Jamie T, Walter Meego, Telfon Tel Aviv and Cicada. I’d have heard much much more if I was still on as many mailing lists as I used to be and if I wasn’t writing a book about older music. So I’m grateful to those in the iJamming! Pub is already alive who have come up with other recommendations of which I need to acquaint myself.

The rest of the year is never as exciting as these first few weeks, so make the most of it while all this new music is fresh in your face and in your ears. And with the Global Village being what it is, you no longer need to wait several months to hear an act for yourself. With a broadband connection, you can just check out their web site, their myspace page or listen to an overseas radio station online. Happy New Music Year.

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