Why I No Longer Follow Rap…

From the NY Times “Arts, Briefly,” May 3 2006:

The estate of the slain rapper Proof has been sued for wrongful death by the family of Keith Bender Jr., The Detroit Free Press reported. The police say Mr. Bender was shot by Proof before the rapper himself was killed in an early morning gun battle in a Detroit nightclub on April 11.

Also from the NY Times “Arts, Briefly,” May 3 2006:

Big Hawk, a member of the Houston rap group Screwed Up Click, was shot and killed on Monday night in Houston, The Associated Press reported. Hawk was a brother of the rapper Fat Pat, who was killed in 1998. The police said Hawk had planned to meet a friend, arrived early and walked to the side of a house, where he was shot several times. A spokesman for the Houston police said they had no suspect.

From the NY Press, May 3 2006, with slightly more humor:

Last week, (New York hip-hop radio station)Hot 97 hosted yet another stale rap act. With no original material to rely on, rapper Jamal Woolard, aka Gravy, recycled the performances of Lil’ Kim and 50 Cent with a pre-interview gunfight at the Hot 97 studio in downtown Manhattan. Reports say a member of his crew, angry that he didn’t get an invitation to tag along on the interview, pulled a gun and shot Gravy in the ass … The criminal investigation into the shooting is moving forward, without testimony from the victim. According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, “Mr. Gravy has been largely uncooperative.”

And finally, back to the Times of May 3.

Citing Fights, Landlord Sues to Evict Hip-Hop Radio Station
Yesterday the New York City District Council of Carpenters Pension Fund asked the State Supreme Court in Manhattan to evict Hot 97, citing three shootings, two false bomb threats and 53 “different acts of violence at our building,” many of them shoving or shouting incidents.

Don’t you long for the days when Public Enemy paraded around with plastic guns?

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