Words To The Wisened

“I do keep getting arrested. They do it because I’m a mug. I keep going out with stuff on me. And they have to make an example. It’s the law of the land. It’s Saturday now [it’s actually Friday] so I can’t do any more white [crack] now ‘cos I’ll be tested on Tuesday.”

Pete Doherty, from a harrowing piece by Sylvia Patterson in The Word, July 2006, during which the sometimes Babyshambles front man smokes crack for twenty minutes in front of the journalist.

“If you want a good view of Pete Doherty live, push your way through the crowds towards the front of the stage. Then go round the back of the stage. Out of the exit and catch a busy to Bow Street Magistrates Court when you can see the twat most weekday mornings.”

Viz Comics nails Doherty. From its 2006 Festival Guide in Q magazine, July 2006.

“Jerry Nolan used to run around saying “On heroin you never get sick.” Yeah, until he went into a coma, and they couldn’t bring him o ut of it.”

Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Uncut, July 2006,

“The greatest comment I ever heard about (Martin Hannett) was that he could take any band – regardless of how well they got on – and have them at each other’s throats within a day. And it’s absolutely true, Talk about divide and conquer. He believed in chaos.”

Peter Hook, Uncut July 2006, talking about the recording of New Order’s debut single ‘Ceremony’ in general, and legendary Manchester producer Martin Hannett in particular. (I picked up the magazine the day after seeing New Order play ‘Ceremony’ in Athens, and wish it was the other way around, as Uncut prints the words (and chords), which I was struggling to remember while singing along from side of stage.)

“They put an awful lot of drink away. Gazza drank three bottles of champagne straight from the bottle in about 15 minutes.”

Stephen Morris, Q July 2006, talking about the recording of New Order’s 1990 World Cup single ‘World In Motion’ in general and the studio performance of the England players in particular. (And is it really sixteen years?)

“I personally never felt passed over. Sometimes you’re in on some stuff that plants a seed, and then you move on and plant another one. Some people are just destined to be in that situation their whole life.”

David Johansen has no problem with the New York Dolls’ place in history, Uncut July 2006

“I didn’t think we were that great a band, to be honest. The others get on my case about that. They think it was unique. And I know it worked. But we never had time. It could have been so much better.”

Ian Hunter has many problems with Mott The Hoople’s place in history, Uncut July 2006. A shame, because their public always knew them as a great band. Maybe Hunter should have enjoyed the moment more?

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