Words To The Wisened

Brought back from Blightly almost a full suitcase of publications. The British music media, much though it suffers from self-aggrandizement, still pisses all over its American counterparts. Here are some of the choicer quotes and observations thus far.

“We’ve never made the same record twice. Unlike every other fucking cunt on the planet.”

Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream, November Mojo.

“(Doherty) arrived on Brixton’s vast stage to the kind of emotional welcome you might normally expect to hear for a man who has just sailed around the world single-handedly (rather than emerged from his latest course of rehab and successfully begun his set at the allotted time of 9:30.)”

Lynsel Hanley reviews Babyshambles at Brixton Academy, Oct 8 Observer

“By the nature of making music you’re putting yourself on the line every time you present a body of work. Your whole life revolves around presenting something for other people to hate or love. The ambition lies in hoping that more people love it than hate it.”

Badly Drawn Boy has a habit of understanding the basics. October’s The Word.

“That’s why this city (Hull) is so chocker-full of liberal politicians. They know that no self-respecting suicide bomber is going to detonate himself on the Orchard Park bus. Let’s be honest, any person of colour with a bulging back pack who gets on the last bus home from the Rampant Horse is going to be stripped, beaten and robbed before the next stop comes and tomorrow night, in the pub, some tear-drop tattooed gentleman will be selling 3 pirate DVDs, a pound of semtex, and the idiots guide to Terrorism, 15 Quid for the lot.”

Leo Cassannell (Mouth Of The Humber) in October/November issue of Hull freebie Ten Foot City. Not politically correct perhaps, but spot on, for sure.

“Most successful people go through this arc in which they come to realize, by the end of their lives, that money and fame and status aren’t the be-all and end-all of existence. The good thing about being a failure is you realise this straight away.”

Toby Young, October’s The Word,


“All music is ‘emo’: music channels emotion, refracts it, solicits it. There is nothing like wallowing in a good sad song. Similarly, music can lift the spirits faster and more effectively than the latest street drug. All rock comes with emotional poses and postures. It’s just that emo is, well, more effusive and tortured and happening than your common or garden histrionic rock.”

Kitty Empire, joins the Great British “what-is-emo?” debate. (Answer: an American musical form that’s been around a lot longer than “the new wave of rave,” that’s for us.) And comes closer that most. Oct 8 The Observer.

“The music we were making (20 years ago) in the Style Council was fucking rubbish. It was good up to Our Favourite Shop in 1985 but after that we were just going through the motions.”

Paul Weller, cops to what the rest of us realized at the time, November Q

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