Words To The Wisened

“You call yourself a pacifist you’re just another punk
The richer are getting richer so let’s all get drunk”
‘Love And Money’ by The Orion Experience, from The Orion Experience

“The rich get rich while us poor don’t get shit
‘except get shit on by rich men who shit on their women”
‘Away From The Snakes’ by Tim Fite, from Gone Ain’t Gone

“Cause every time I look in the mirror I just want to scream,
How are we going to make history when you are not here with me”
‘Let’s Make History’ by The (International) Noise Conspiracy, from Armed Love

“Lately I’ve been staring in the mirror don’t you ever wonder
How the hell that Stevie Wonder sees things”
‘The Beach Party’ by Hot Chip, from Coming On Strong

“You look like David Bowie, but you never knew to tell me,”
‘Over and Over Again’ by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

“God’s on his lunch break, please call back,
God needs a lie-down too”
‘God’s on his Lunch Break’ by Martin Gordon, from God’s On His Lunch Break

“Was He planning only for believers, or for those who just had faith
Did He envision all the wars that were fought in His name?”
‘When God Made Me’ by Neil Young, from Prairie Wind

“He is not the God of Creation but He is the Lord of the morning light.”
‘Pan’ by Paul Weller, from As Is Now

“I write reams of this shit every day”
‘Brotherman’ by John Cale, from BlackAcetate

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