Media Musing #5

(And this is the last one from last week. After all, there’s a brand new Film and Music section out today to enjoy, complete with a celebration of The Jam as a way of life. And really and truly, I do enjoy it.)

“You know, the good guys always live near water. Everyone within 50 miles of lakes and oceans seems to vote Democrat; the rest are doomed cattle who vote Republican.”

So says British musician Robyn Hitchcock of America, in Pascal Wyse ’s “We’re Jamming” column in The Guardian of Friday Jan 27th. It’s the kind of sound-bite designed for Guardian readers, which is probably why Wyse led his column with it. Well, that and the fact that Hitchcock’s backing band includes three current members of well-known Democrats R.E.M., a band that formed and thrived in Athens, Georgia. But last I checked, Athens was seriously land-locked. And in my own new home of the lake-dotted Catskills, you’ll find that, as per much of America, we have a pretty even political split. Which means we have to be nice to our neighbors, including those who would probably consider those who vote Democrat – regardless of its uninspired national leadership in the last two Presidential Elections – to be equally “doomed cattle.” As cattle of all stripes know all too well, the grass is always greener, and things are never quite so clear cut close up as they seem from a distance.

Apocalypse trombonist and fellow Beverley boy Pascal Wyse getting cozy with Robyn Hitchcock.

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  1. Tom Ferrie

    5 February, 2006 at 11:57 am

    It’s not very often that somebody uses a quote such as this Robyn Hitchcock one, as an introduction to the topic of Political or Social Tolerance…BRAVO I say!!! Usually, in this world of the political extremists writing weblogs at every click of the mouse, quotes like this are used in the most obvious ways…lefties to hail it as genius and righties to use it as an excuse to never buy a Robyn Hitchcock or REM record (not that most do anyway!)…But anyway, I appreciate the sense that we should have some tolerance and not take every opportunity to further alienate one another in this very polar society that we have created here in the states.
    Thanks for the unusual tone.


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