Apocalypse scrapbook 1979-80

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01) Hastings Nov'79
01) Hastings Nov 30 1979
On the train to Hasting on a Friday afternoon for the first gig... With permission to leave school early from the headmaster!

02) HASTINGS Nov '79
Jeff and Chris on the train to Hastings, Nov 30 1979.

03) Hastings NOV'79
03) Hastings Nov '79
At the Carrigan's house in Hastings. 'Roadies' Jeremy and Paul also in the picture. Tony broke his wrist at the gig.

04) 1stgigsetlist
04) 1st gigsetlist
The setlist for the first ever show, Hasting Poly Student's Den.

05) The Trafalgar, Jan10 1980
05) The Trafalgar, Jan10 1980
Pub inside Shepherd's Bush Shopping Centre that was something of a mod hangout.

06) Trafalgar Jan10 1980
06) Trafalgar, Jan10 1980
A punk, a soulboy and a mod ... Those were the days...

07) The Trafalgar, Jan10 1980
07) The Trafalgar, Jan10 1980
Second gig, supporting Speedball. The cops busted the place for underage drinking.

08) Trafalgar Jan-10-80
08) Trafalgar
Jeff led the dancing...

09) Trafalgar 1-10-80
09) Trafalgar
Not a great show...

10) Trafalgar 1-10-80
10) Trafalgar
More pics from a bad gig.

11) Trafalgar flyer
11) Trafalgar flyer
Robin and Guy from Speedball in the frame... Guy Pratt went on to become one of the top session bass players in the world.

12) Jamming Sunday Times
12) Jamming Sunday Times
The Observer Magazine ran a small piece about Jamming! in 1979. Jeff was co-editor at the time.

13) Fulham Greyhound 10-2-80
13) Fulham Greyhound Feb 10 1980
Gig number 4 at one of the 'better' pub venues in London. Opening for The Directions, whose Tony Burke later formed Big Sound Authority.

14) Fulham Greyhound 10-2-80
14) Fulham Greyhound
Tony's amp packed in. Jeff took to reading... poetry?

15) Fulham Greyhound Feb 10 1980
15) Fulham Greyhound Feb 10 1980
Backstage at The Greyhound. Check the Mo-dettes graffiti.

16) 1980setlists
16) 1980 setlists
Setlists for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th gigs....

17)Trafalgar flyer
17)Trafalgar flyer
This was our fifth gig - and our third in a row with The Directions. Opening band Riff-Raff were fronted by one Billy Bragg.

18) Tenisons 7-3-80
18) Tenisons March 7 1980
Our sixth gig was at our school, Archbishop Tenison's.

19) Tenisons
19) Tenisons
Tony and his infamous Chelsea Pensioners coat, at Tenison's

20) Tenison's ticket
20) Tenison's ticket
The Tenison' gig featured three school bands...

21) Tenisons 7-3-80
21) Tenisons
Jeff sung the school anthem a capella.

22) 1980setlists2
22) 1980 setlists 2
Gigs 7 through 10. The last of these was at The Rainbow opening for The Jam and The Piranhas.

23) Demotapesleeve
23) Demo tape sleeve
First recordings, 8-track studio called Street Level in Maida Vale, May 31, 1980. Kif-Kif was the engineer. Grant Showbiz was also in the room. None of these songs made it to the CD. If you have the tape, you'll know why!

24) Hastingsposter
24) Hastings poster
Gig number 7. A returnto the scene of the original crime.

25) Crawdaddy hand out
25) Crawdaddy hand out
Gigs were hard to come by. This was in the back room of a crappy Croydon pub. About 50 15-16 year olds showed up all the same.

26) Jam Pass 151180  copy
26) Jam Pass 151180 copy
Jeff's backstage pass from first Jam gig. One of our friends graffitied our dressing room - when Tony went back to see the Jam the next night he was handed a paintcan and a brush by the promoter and forced to repaint the entire room!