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Atomic: A New Musical

Especially, but not limited to those in the New York vicinity, I’d like to recommend Atomic: The Idea That Shook The World, a new off-Broadway musical that our family saw...
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Insight of Sorts into Inside Llewyn Davis

Had me a very cultural weekend. Went to see Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires supported by Simi Stone at the Bearsville Theater Friday night. Read David Remnick’s 17,000 word profile...
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Springtime in New York

At lunch Friday with a magazine editor friend who has a place in Phoenicia, I was asked why I would want to spend a beautiful spring weekend in NY City...
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The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies

Since moving upstate in 2005 I have tried desperately hard to become a better person. In the nature of the Woodstock environment, I have taken up zazen at the local...
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The November 6 election: Every Vote Counted

I was as invested in the election of Ceclia Tkaczyk to our NY State Senate as I was in any race this past November. Among other attributes, Cecilia was serving...
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The ARChive of Contemporary Music: Collecting Gone Mad

New York has turned into a “Museum City,” says Bob George, founder of the Archive of Contemporary Music. George knows of what he speaks, both from the perspective of being...
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Musings On A September Mourning

It had been such a perfect summer. My wife Posie and I decided not to travel abroad this year but to stay local and make the most of all that...
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New Yorkers to Albany: No Fracking Way

Just some of the home-made signs at the anti-Fracking Legislative Day Of Action in Albany on Monday, April 11th. (Click on images to see in larger size.) With the New...
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