The following interviews were all conducted by Tony Fletcher unless stated. Some of them are exclusive to iJamming!, some were conducted for magazine features or record company bios, several provided research for Tony’s books; the remainder date from the days of Jamming! magazine. Those posted prior to June 2005 are in the “old-school” iJamming! html design. All are in Question and Answer format, as close to the original transcript as possible. Please respect the ‘fair use’ laws of copyright: you may copy and/or quote individual sentences for review, research or linking purposes. But please do not copy whole sections of these interviews without prior permission.

NEW as of July 2005:
From the Jamming! Magazine Archives: MARK E. SMITH and THE FALL, 1979.

TIM BOOTH on James, sex and spirituality, January 2005
MICK JONES on Joe Strummer, October 2004
WAYNE KRAMER on Pete Townshend, October 2004
MATT FRIEDBERGER on Pete Townshend and The Fiery Furnaces, October 2004
2 MANY DJS David and Stephen Dewaele on Soulwax and mash-ups, Spring 2003
KARL HYDE on Underworld, alcoholism, and reluctant stardom, Summer 2002
CARL COX on South London soul and global rave culture, December 2001
JOHN ACQUAVIVA on wine, FinalScratch, and Plus 8, September 2001
RICHARD BUTLER on The Psychedelic Furs, from beginning to end, August 2001
JESSE HARTMAN on Laptop and major label deals, May 2001
MARK PERRY on Sniffin’ Glue, Alternative TV and punk rock’s legacy, Jan 2001
DAVID SYLVIAN on his solo work, Japan, and artistic freedom, December 2000
(Interview by TF and Geoffrey Armes)
BOY GEORGE on his second life as a DJ, September 2000
TIMO MAAS on DJing and wine, September 2000
SALLY TAYLOR on true artistic independence, July 2000
FRAN HEALY on Travis, songwriting and the meaning of fame, April 2000

DAVE EDMUNDS on Keith Moon, 1996
JEFF BECK on Keith Moon, 1996
ALICE COOPER on Keith Moon, 1996
JEAN BATTYE on Keith Moon, 2005