Reviews for IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR: THE LIFE & SOUL OF WILSON PICKETT appear to be overwhelmingly positive. Follow the links by each publication to read the full review.

“As any good biography of a musician should, “In the Midnight Hour” sends us back to the recordings, the best of which have not lost one iota of their power.” – New York Times.

“Fletcher’s vibrant book brings Pickett and his music to glorious life.”–Publishers Weekly

“Distinctive for its voluminous and nonjudgmental accounting of his life… In a book remarkable for its copious family research, Fletcher, a true devotee of the music, gives us the complete Pickett.” – Booklist

“Fletcher ably explores [the] dichotomy in Pickett’s character… a layered portrait of the legendary singer.”—Kirkus

“Biography at its best: anecdotal, comprehensive, captivating and concise.”—Shelf Awareness

“Fletcher’s brilliant little book shines a light on the good, bad, and ugly of Pickett’s life, as it illustrates just how vital his music is to the history of soul and rock and roll.” – No Depression.

“Journalists who write about sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll often find it easier to focus on the sensational aspects of the industry than on the music itself, but Mr. Fletcher, the author of books on Keith Moon, the Smiths and R.E.M., gets it right.” – Wall Street Journal

“Tony Fletcher’s biography of the great soul singer is a vivid, detailed, and insightful portrait of a complex, talented, and often deplorable man.” – Popmatters

“Perhaps the reason that it took so long for a Pickett biography to hit shelves is that the universe was waiting for Fletcher to take it on. The author provides the most complete picture, warts and all, of this singular soul artist—and he doesn’t pull any punches.” – Paste

“As I read Fletcher’s painstakingly researched assessment of Pickett’s career and cultural influence, in which he recounts the making of so many of the singer’s most memorable songs, I couldn’t help but go online every few minutes to enjoy the songs themselves.” – Seattle Times

“…has a subtle way with modern American history, and character, as well as great character studies of Duane Allman, James Brown, Solomon Burke, Aretha Franklin, Lloyd Price, Jerry Wexler, and the monumental Bobby Womack.” – Woodstock Times

“The book reflects Fletcher’s deep research (he apparently talked to almost everyone still alive who knew or worked with Pickett) and his music industry knowledge. People who are interested in how music is made, marketed and distributed will enjoy this book.” – The Urban Politico

“Captures the essence of soul singer Wilson Pickett and tells a tale that reads with the anticipation of a murder mystery novel” – Chronogram

“The unique performer, the complicated man and the brute bully all come together in one here. Wilson Pickett gets his R-E-S-P-E-C-T in book form, finally.” – Houston Press

“Those curious about the dynamic tension that gave one of the great American soul men his unique sound and power will enjoy Tony Fletcher’s thorough and ultimately sad book.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Fletcher’s research is impeccable, his sources are unimpeachable, and his style is thoroughly engaging.” – Boston Arts Fuse

“Fletcher’s telling of the Pickett story is as detailed and evenhanded as a reader could want.” – This Dazzling Time.



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